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In the aftermath of losing a beloved family member, we often turn to funeral homes or mortuaries to commemorate their life. Placing immense trust in these establishments, we expect them to handle this delicate task with utmost care and professionalism.
We refuse lowball insurance offers and are ready to assemble a dedicated litigation team to fight for your rights.

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Fighting for clients' rights with unwavering determination for justice.


Recovered in personal injury cases for our clients.

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Refuses to settle for inadequate offers from insurance companies.

Cases We Handle

Improper Imbalming

Incorrect or inadequate preservation of the deceased's body.

Commingling Ashes

Mixing ashes from multiple deceased individuals, violating their identity.

Mishandling and Loss of Bodies

Dropping, misplacing, or losing the body, displaying utter disregard for the deceased.

Incorrect Casket Placement:

Placing multiple bodies in one coffin or, shockingly, placing the wrong body in the casket.

Grave Site Errors:

Delivering the deceased to an incorrect grave site, disrupting the rightful resting place.

Corpse Theft

Stealing personal belongings from the deceased, adding insult to injury.

Our expertise covers all range of funeral home negligence accidents, including but not limited to these…

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We refuse lowball insurance offers and are ready to assemble a dedicated litigation team to fight for your rights.


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